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Kili Python SDK

Kili Character

What is Kili?

Kili is a platform that empowers a data-centric approach to Machine Learning through quality training data creation. It provides collaborative data annotation tools and APIs that enable quick iterations between reliable dataset building and model training. More info here.


You only need Python 3.7 or greater


Install the Kili client with pip:

pip install kili

Getting Started

  • Create and copy a Kili API key
  • Add the KILI_API_KEY variable in your bash environment (or in the settings of your favorite IDE) by pasting the API key value that you copied earlier:
export KILI_API_KEY='<you api key value here>'
  • Instantiate the Kili client:
from kili.client import Kili
kili = Kili()


You can now begin to use the Kili Python SDK


You can also pass the API key as an argument of the Kili initialization: python kili = Kili(api_key='<you api key value here>')